Having a leaking shower can cause you a number of different problems. If your shower is leaking, then it can wind up causing damage to your house. This can be quite costly and it is not something that you should simply ignore. You can avoid complications by simply seeking out professional help.

Getting the help that you need to fix your leaking shower is imperative. You want to contact dedicated professionals who can help you to determine the cause of your leaking shower. Leaking shower repair is going to be essential for your home so it is not something that you should wait on for too long. Take a look at some of these causes for leaking showers and it should give you a good idea of what is going on.

Shower Floor Leaks

One of the possible causes for your leaking shower is that the floor is leaking. If your shower floor is leaking, then you are going to want to seek leaking shower repair right away. The first thing to do is to determine if this is the problem. You want to let your shower floor drain and dry completely before continuing. Once this is done, you need to cover the drain with waterproof tape.

Using another tap to fill up buckets of water. Once this is done, fill up your shower or bathtub to the threshold with the water buckets. If the shower floor is the culprit, then you should notice some leaking within thirty minutes. If everything stays dry after this point, then you can move on to something else being the cause of your leak.

Drain Leaks

Simply remove the waterproof tape from the drain in order to see if things start leaking. In many cases, the drain is going to be the problem. If you see that there is an immediate leak, then your drain is definitely the cause of your leaking shower. This is not going to be incredibly difficult to fix as long as you call in a professional.

Calling your plumber to take care of your leaking shower repair is highly recommended. The plumber is going to need to assess the problems and figure out the best way to proceed. Sometimes the floor will need to be pulled up in order to access the piping underneath. It depends on how your drain and pipes are set up. Either way, this is a repair that is best handled by a trained professional.

Tile Wall Leaks

There are times when your tile wall will be the problem that is causing leaks. Sometimes the grout in the tile wall will not be doing its job right. You can do your best to test this out by pouring water on the walls and observing what happens. It should be apparent if there is at least a small leak in the tile wall.

These problems can be taken care of by re-grouting the tile wall in most cases. You will also encounter some situations where there will be a combination of several problems. If you feel as though you need help to get things taken care of right, then you should call in the experts for assistance. Leaking shower repair can be taken care of expediently when you have professionals on your side.

Getting the Repairs Done

Once you have determined that there is a problem, you can go ahead and call in the plumbers to take care of everything. They will be ready to repair your shower for you and they can keep your home from coming to harm. These plumbers will seal your shower for you and will also repair anything that is in need. It will not take them long to figure out what needs to be done and you will be able to get things back to normal expediently.

If you do not want to take the time to troubleshoot your leaking shower yourself, then the plumbers can expedite the process. Just call them in and they will determine the cause of your problems in the shortest time possible. They have all of the right tools and the expertise that is necessary to take care of the job. Your shower will function properly again and you will know who to call in the future if you are in need.

Potential Problems That Occur Due to Shower Leaking

You should be aware of some of the potential problems that can occur due to your shower leaking. If you are not vigilant about taking care of these problems, then it can lead to many issues. One of the most common problems that happens due to leaking showers is that it causes mould. Mouldy bathrooms can lead to health problems and are generally going to be unpleasant. You can avoid letting things get this bad by contacting plumbers once you notice a leak.

Another issue that can occur is property damage. The water can potentially cause wood to rot and it may even seep into other areas of your home. If things have become this bad, then it will wind up being costly to repair all of the damage. It is in your best interests to fix things before they get worse so do your best to contact a plumber right away.

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