Servicing Ducted Heater

Ducted gas heaters are a popular choice for heating homes and buildings, especially in colder climates.
They are an efficient and effective way to keep indoor spaces warm and comfortable during the winter months. However, like any heating system, they require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. In this blog article, we will discuss the importance of servicing a ducted gas heater.


Safety is the most important reason to service your ducted gas heater. Gas heaters produce carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that can cause serious health problems or even death if inhaled in high concentrations. Regular servicing can detect any issues with your gas heater before they become a hazard. A qualified technician will check for gas leaks, ventilation, and any other potential safety hazards. They will also check the pilot light to ensure it is working correctly and that the burners are clean and functioning correctly.

Energy Efficiency

A ducted gas heater that is not serviced regularly will start to lose efficiency over time. Dirt and dust build-up can cause the heater to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. A well-maintained heater will operate more efficiently, reducing your energy costs and saving you money in the long run.

Extend the Life of Your Heater

Regular servicing can help extend the life of your ducted gas heater. By addressing any issues early, you can prevent them from turning into more significant problems that could cause irreversible damage to your heating system. A well-maintained heater will also run more efficiently, reducing the wear and tear on the components, which will ultimately prolong the life of the heater.

Maintain Warranty

Most manufacturers require regular servicing of their products to maintain the warranty. Skipping servicing appointments could void your warranty, and you may have to pay for any repairs or replacements out of your pocket. Regular servicing will help you maintain your warranty, ensuring that your ducted gas heater is covered in case of any issues.
In conclusion, servicing your ducted gas heater is essential for safety, energy efficiency, longevity, and warranty maintenance.
We recommend scheduling regular servicing appointments with a qualified technician to ensure your heating system is running correctly and to avoid any potential safety hazards.
Remember, regular maintenance can save you money in the long run and provide peace of mind knowing that your heater is operating safely and efficiently.

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