Choosing one of Melbourne’s Top 10 Plumbers

In this article, we are proud to announce that Mark Leonard Plumbing was recently voted as one of Melbourne’s Top 10 Plumbers by the Herald Sun. We will provide an introduction from our founder Mark Leonard, a brief overview of some of the Top 10 Plumbers selected, followed by some tips on selecting a plumber that’s right for you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

(A message from Mark Leonard)

It is with a sense of great pride that we can report, Mark Leonard Plumbing was recently announced as a member of the top 10 from votes cast by Leader Newspaper readers en-masse.

Respect for our customers and a focus on quality trade practice is a central part of each job we undertake for our customers and our office is based in Mitcham. This was recently rewarded in a readers choice vote for the top 10 plumbers in Melbourne, and Mark Leonard Plumbing was lucky enough to make the list.

Customers typically appreciate our practical and positive approach used to tackle their commercial and domestic plumbing jobs. We have focused on building a strong team culture and cohesiveness amongst our staff, and this is reflected in the work we do for customers.

One of the jobs I remember most was retrieving both wedding and engagement rings what had been lost in the drain of an elderly customer’s kitchen sink. Our customer was in a state of despair at the loss of these treasures but she was convinced they were gone forever and never coming back. Likewise, we love helping clients where the plumbing issues are creating significant issues – like the loss of hot water. It’s a great feeling when we can restore comfort to the home for these customers.

This is the thing about plumbing – we are able to build strong trusted relationships, as our work has such a strong impact on the lifestyle of our clients. Really this award is a recognition of the passion and enthusiasm for the job that our team of plumbers show – they take pride in a quality outcome for customers. Our clients and our staff often form strong bonds and relationships and we get treated like family with many of our long term clients which we love.

Thanks again to our fantastic clients for their vote of confidence and letting us join the list of the Top 10 Plumbers in Melbourne.

Mark Leonard

A few of the other Top 10 Plumbers in Melbourne as voted by Herald Sun

Borza Plumbing, Berwick

According to their website, Borza Plumbing located in Berwick provides a range of plumbing services including handling Childcare Centres, working with Real Estate and Property Management companies, as well as doing maintenance plumbing work for businesses and the general public.

King and Sons, Glenroy

The King and Son’s Plumbing website states that the business has a team with over 25 years of experience and works on plumbing upgrades, plumbing repairs as well and maintenance work for commercial and residential clients. They do work for property and strata management clients throughout all suburbs of Melbourne.

 RDH Plumbing, Mill Park

RDH Plumbing based in Mill Park in Melbourne, made the Herald Sun Top 10 list and their website outlines their key business values including assuring customer satisfaction, and quality of workmanship provided in their plumbing projects. They claim to be keeping on top of maintaining skills and best practice n their plumbing work and ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to plumbing work.

David McCarthy Plumbing, Laverton North

Another one of Melbourne’s Top 10 Plumbers according to Herald Sun is David Mc Carthy Plumbing, based in Point Cook in Melbourne. They claim over 16 years of plumbing experience and work on a range of industrial, commercial and domestic plumbing jobs. They do Gas Fitting as well as general plumbing jobs and maintain insurance and appropriate qualifications amongst their team. They also work with other trades on plumbing projects and handle building projects as well as renovation related work.

Smart Plumbing, Ravenhall

Smart Plumbing in Ravenhall in Victoria was one of the Top 10 Plumbers on the list, and offer a comprehensive plumbing service to customers. Their website states that they employ a team of diverse backgrounds and experience with a strong understanding of building and constructions. They state they are able to partner with other trades on these projects and focus on ensuring they deliver value for money to clients on all their plumbing projects.

Titan Plumbing, Williamstown

Titan Plumbing are a team with integrity and a strong reputation, with their website showing they have over 15 years of industry experience. Owned by Matt and Charlotte Wilson they have built up a strong reputation and employ a team of licensed plumbers and offer customers a guarantee over their work. They claim a passion and enthusiasm for delivering great plumbing work for clients.

Plumbarr Plumbing, Melbourne

Plumbarr Plumbing offers mobile plumbing services and offer a diverse range of plumbing services covering renovations of Bathrooms, supporting new home builds, roof plumbing as well as people completing home extensions. They provide clients advice through the process on the best approach and layout for plumbing installations.


Tips on Choosing a Top Plumber in Melbourne

We’ve outlined some key selection criteria below when considering which Melbourne Plumber you plan to select. We’ll provide some key issues to consider and approaches to take when deciding. Making the right choice of plumber can make a big difference to the work outcomes and the type of job you get done – read on to find out more.

Checking on whether a plumber is licensed and registered in Victoria is an important issue. Licensed plumbers are typically required to show their registration status so if you can’t find any details here – be sure to check and ask. Look for evidence of professional / trade insurance also.

Check on the longevity of the plumbing business you are considering – finding out how long they have been around can be an indicator of ongoing client satisfaction and therefore the viability of the plumber’s business. The longer they have been in business the better. Check that the plumber will provide you with a sensible and reasonable quotation on the work you are about to undertake, before commencing.

Check if the plumber warrants their work or provides any kind of guarantee or assurance regarding ongoing work quality or remediation if problems arise. Look for reviews or client references to be sure that this plumber can demonstrate that others are happy with their work.

Here are 5 vital points to consider as you go through your selection process: Making sure you ask the right questions before you begin will save you a lot of heartache from making a poor choice. Unfortunately, the ramifications of not selecting a good Plumbing company can be significant and costly, and something all customers want to avoid.

  1. How much is your plumbing job going to cost?
    Customers need to take care to ensure that quotes, particularly those provided only verbally have factored in all considerations. Usually, a plumber will want to inspect the worksite and take a first-hand look at the issue you are facing. While some simple things can be quoted sight-unseen if you have a complex problem and you get a quick verbal quote – be aware that the full cost of parts and precise labour estimates may not be accurate. You should probe around these issues if the plumber has not been to site yet.
  2. Check on whether the plumber or one of his subcontractors will do the job?
    You should ask about the experience and qualifications of the plumber, and check if they personally will handle the work and if not – ask about the experience of the actual plumber who will complete the tasks. You should check if this is going to be an experienced plumber or a tradesman just starting out.
  3. Check on the whether the plumber you are considering is licensed and registered with the VBA.
    In Victoria, plumbers need to be licensed and registered with the Victorian Building Authority. Checking on this with the plumber will ensure the plumber has satisfied the VBA’s compliance requirements including demonstrated and appropriate qualifications and experience, and adherence to health and safety standards.
  4. Check if the plumber has insurance.
    Plumbers should have both an appropriate public liability insurance policy covering them for injury or accident that may occur as a result of the work they are doing and also check for professional / trade insurance or professional indemnity cover to ensure there is insurance in place in the event mistakes are made. These are humans you are working with and it’s not impossible that something goes wrong unexpectedly – you want to be sure coverage is there to cover for the unexpected.
  5. Fixed price vs Time and Materials.
    You should check to confirm if the price you receive is a fixed quote and if so what the limits or assumptions are that the plumber has built into their quotation. If instead, they have provided you with an estimate of the hours involved – you should discuss with them both the likelihood of any variance and how the process will run in terms of communication and managing your expectations should this occur.

Are you ready to get started? With the above questions and checks in hand, you should be ready to engage with a Top Melbourne Plumber and conduct a sensible assessment of the plumbers you are speaking to, and the quote they provide to ensure you get a good plumbing project completed or a quality repair done. If you’re not sure where to start – give us a call on (03) 9876 6789 and we’d be pleased to guide you through the process.

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