Blocked Drains and Pipes

Need Drains Unblocked or Clogged Pipes Cleared?

Blocked drains and clogged pipes in the home can be a problem on the scale of annoyingly inconvenient to absolutely disastrous, resulting in all kinds of unpleasantness, such as flooding, bad smells and the breeding of germs and pests in your pipes.

Blocked Drain Specialists

When faced with blockages in your plumbing, you want the problem solved properly the first time and avoid the hassle of repeated call-outs. Mark Leonard Plumbing use specialist technology to detect and locate exactly where the blockage id occurring as well as the appropriate tools to eliminate them for good. We can also give you helpful advice to prevent it from happening again.

Blocked Drain? Blocked Pipes? We can fix all drainage problems so call us now on 9876 6789!

Some typical drainage problems that will require the expert assistance of one of the Master Plumbers from Mark Leonard Plumbing include:

  • Blocked drains

  • Clogged drain

  • Broken drains

  • Overflowing drains

  • Rusty Drains

So call us on 9876 6789 now so we can fix your drainage problem!

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Blocked drains, broken pipes,
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