Gas Versus Electric Hot Water: Which Is Best?

Buying a new hot water system is something that you need to take very seriously. This is a big decision for your home and you want to make sure that you are buying something that is going to be a good fit for your specific needs. When you are looking into your options, the first big decision to make is whether you want to go with a gas hot water system or if you would be better off with an electric system. If you are wondering which one is best, then you should know that there are many factors to keep in mind.

Both hot water systems have their positive qualities and advantages. Which one will work out best for your home will depend on your situation and what you expect out of the experience. Even so, you can look at the information side-by-side in order to give yourself a good idea of what each system has to offer. This will allow you to make an informed decision for yourself and you will be able to get the best hot water system.

Benefits of an Electric Hot Water System

There are many benefits to installing a new electric hot water system in your home. One of the biggest reasons why people see electric systems as convenient is due to the pricing. Electric hot water systems are very affordable and they have less initial cost than a traditional gas hot water system. You will be able to save yourself a bit of money initially if you choose to go with this type of system.

You can also get these systems installed either indoors or outdoors. This can be convenient for houses that do not have the room for a traditional hot water system indoors. There are tanks of various sizes as well so you should be able to find the size that will suit your needs properly. This can be a very convenient hot water system to own.

Many people like to go with the modern electric instantaneous heaters that are available. This can give you hot water in an instant, making things really convenient inside your home. You will never have to put up with cold showers if you go this route. It should be noted that running an electric hot water system can be expensive, though. It is going to be more expensive to run an electric system when compared to a gas hot water system.

Benefits of a Gas Hot Water System

In many ways, the gas hot water system is going to be the best for you to consider. Modern gas systems are very energy efficient and are going to save you money on your monthly bills when compared to the electric models. It will be a bit more expensive to buy a gas system initially but it will make up for this over time. This makes it a more practical option for many families.

To add to this, you will be able to choose whether you want to get a natural gas heater or a liquid petroleum gas bottle setup. This can be more expensive but is a good alternative to natural gas if you are in need. You will also be able to get a gas hot water setup that has a pilot light if you want. This is great because it allows your hot water system to work even when the electricity goes out.

Most of the gas systems are set up outdoors due to their venting requirements. It is possible to install these indoors with a flue if your home is the proper size for it. The average four-person house will need a tank that is between 135 and 170 litres and you can choose to purchase an instantaneous system for the best possible experience.

Which Is Better?

Deciding which hot water system is best is going to come down to your needs and expectations. If you want to save money on the initial costs of your hot water system, then going with the electric unit is sensible. Most people will like being able to save money on their monthly bills so the gas systems will also prove to be popular. If you care about energy efficiency, then a gas system is definitely going to be the way to go.

The electric systems have more cons than the gas systems do. The lack of energy efficiency and the cost of running an electric system may deter some people. Gas is a friendlier option that you will likely enjoy. Keep the benefits and negatives of each system in mind so that you can make up your mind about which is best for you.

Both of these systems will work out nicely for you so long as you take the time to pick out a good unit. You want to make sure that you are getting one that will fit the size of your home properly. As long as you are paying attention to your needs, you will be able to get a good setup. Your hot water system will work well and you won’t have to worry about anything when you call in professionals to get things installed.


Once you have made your decision, it will be time to call in the experts for assistance. You need to make sure that your hot water system is installed professionally so that things will work properly. Contacting the right professionals won’t take long and you will be able to get things taken care of swiftly. Reach out today if you want to get your new hot water system installed.

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